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Corporate Storytelling: The Task, The Myth, The Result!


Our corporate communications specialist Sonya unpacks the opportunities (and barriers) to sharing your story.

There are so many benefits to effective communication, but it takes planning to get it right.

The Task…

Imparting or exchanging information, verbally, in writing, or through some other medium (such as animation or infographic).

Sounds straightforward enough – but is it?

The Myth…

Communication is simple and doesn’t require a plan.

The Result

Effective communication:

  • builds confidence and trust, while enhancing reputation;
  • helps investors and funding bodies understand what their investment is working to deliver;
  • helps stakeholders and business partners recognise potential or innovative vision;
  • unites people, providing direction, guidance or inspiration; and
  • creates a loyal and engaged workforce.

Why Then, Is Telling Your Story Not Always a Priority? 

We see three common blockers:

  • Time: That juggle between working in or on the business.
  • Know-how: There are so many options in modern communication it can be tricky to find the best approach – especially if time-poor.
  • Technical information: It can be difficult to distill complex information, without losing your audience.

We understand the power of sharing quality information with your stakeholders and clients. Do you need to generate sales, grow awareness, enhance influence or shape opinions?

By looking at an organisation or issue from all sides and with a fresh perspective, we devise robust plans to share your desired messages and are well versed in creating attention grabbing content.

We work with you to shape the stories that captivate the people who matter to your business success – clients, investors and stakeholders.

If you would like to work with us for help sharing your story whether for promotion, funding opportunities or for your stakeholders. Feel free to jump to our Communications Services page to find out how we can help tell your story.

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