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Navigating Market Dynamics: Comprehensive Industry Insights and Analysis

Industry Insights – Get a Competitive Edge with Custom Research and Insights

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At BlueSalt Consulting, we offer industry and ESG insights reports to help businesses and organisations stay informed and make strategic decisions. We combine proprietary research from reputable industry sources with our own analysis to deliver customised reports on your industry or sector.

Benefits of Our Insight Reports:

  • Gain a deep understanding of industry trends, risks, opportunities and performance benchmarks to inform your strategy
  • Understand nuances in your operating environment – from market forces to regional impacts
  • Identify emerging issues and trends ahead of competitors
  • Assess your performance against key industry metrics
  • Inform important decisions around new ventures, expansions, acquisitions, etc.
  • Integrate sustainability considerations through our ESG extension packs.

Interested? Download a sample report and details about pricing.

We Offer Three Levels of Insights:

  1. Industry Insights Snapshot – A 2-4 page overview of your industry’s current state, trends, and outlook.
    • Highlights key statistics like revenue, profit, businesses, employees, and growth trends
    • Summarises external drivers affecting the industry
    • Provides an overview of products/services, major players, market share and SWOT
  2. Industry Insights Detailed – An 8-12 page deep dive into external drivers, segmentation, SWOT, supply chain, and more.
    • Detailed analysis of key external drivers and current performance
    • Discusses industry outlook and life cycle stage Maps supply chain – key buying and selling industries
    • Profiles products/services and demand determinants
    • Assesses major markets and competitive landscape
  3. Industry Insights In-Depth – A comprehensive 15-20 page analysis with extensive industry profiling.
    • Additional graphs, charts, and geographical business analysis
    • Granular competitive analysis – costs, competition, barriers to entry
    • Profiles major players and companies in the industry
    • Assesses operating conditions like regulation, revenue volatility
    • Industry assistance and policy impacts
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Sample Our Insight & ESG Reports

Curious about our reports? Get a sample report direct to your inbox to provide a sense of the level of detail and proprietary information within our reports.

We also provide tailored ESG insights through our extension packs.

Understand risks and opportunities related to sustainability trends in your sector. Our reports cover:

  • Greenhouse gas emissions benchmarks
  • Material sustainability impacts
  • Supply chain risks
  • Relevant certifications
  • Planetary boundaries

Learn more and review a sample report:

Get Credible, Actionable Data to Outpace Your Competitors

Contact us today to get a custom industry or ESG insights report developed for your organisation.

Our team analyses the latest proprietary data sources combined with our own research to provide you with information not readily available to competitors or the public.

With industry reports typically developed to the ANZSIC industry classification level, we deliver focused insights to support your strategic decision-making.

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Frequently Asked Questions

BlueSalt Consulting’s Industry Insights Reports offer a range of benefits, including gaining a deep understanding of industry trends, risks, and opportunities, assessing performance against key metrics, and informing strategic decisions. These custom reports combine proprietary research with expert analysis to provide valuable insights.

The Industry Insights Snapshot, a 2-4 page overview, provides key statistics, external drivers, and a summary of products/services and major players in your industry. It offers a quick, comprehensive view to help businesses understand current states, trends, and outlooks.

BlueSalt Consulting’s Industry Insights Detailed report, an 8-12 page deep dive, includes detailed analysis of key external drivers, segmentation, SWOT analysis, supply chain mapping, and more. It provides an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics and factors influencing performance.

The Industry Insights In-Depth report by BlueSalt Consulting offers a comprehensive 15-20 page analysis with extensive industry profiling. It includes additional graphs, charts, geographical business analysis, granular competitive analysis, and assessments of operating conditions, regulations, and policy impacts.

Yes, you can request a sample Industry Insights report directly to your inbox. This will provide you with a sense of the level of detail and proprietary information that BlueSalt Consulting includes in their reports.

BlueSalt Consulting offers tailored ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) insights through extension packs in their reports. These packs focus on sustainability trends in your sector, covering aspects such as greenhouse gas emissions benchmarks, material sustainability impacts, supply chain risks, and relevant certifications.

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