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Unlocking Grant Opportunities: Comprehensive Funding Advisory and Alert Services

A strategic approach to identifying and pursuing grant funding opportunities

Strategic Funding Advice & Alerts

We’ve designed this service after years of working with clients to pursue grants in a strategic manner, targeting funding opportunities where they are most competitive and positioning them to be ready to respond to funds as soon as they open.

Before proceeding with the assessment tool, please ensure you have reviewed the information brochure regarding this service, and considered the terms & conditions listed within it.

Frequently Asked Questions

BlueSalt Consulting offers strategic Funding Advisory Services in Western Australia, designed to help clients pursue grants in a strategic manner. Our experts target funding opportunities where clients are most competitive and position them to respond promptly when funds become available.

BlueSalt Consulting is recognised as Funding Advisory experts in Western Australia. Our years of experience have shaped a strategic approach to identifying and pursuing grant funding opportunities, ensuring clients receive expert guidance in the competitive funding landscape.

BlueSalt Consulting’s Funding Advisory and Grant Alerts Service encompass a strategic approach to identifying and pursuing grant funding opportunities. Our service includes expert advice and alerts to keep clients informed and ready to respond to funding opportunities.

BlueSalt Consulting assists clients in Grant Funding Suitability Pre-Screening, making an initial check of whether projects and entities are likely eligible for grant funding. This step ensures that clients are well-prepared before proceeding with the Funding Advisory Service Assessment Tool.

The Funding Advisory Service Assessment Tool by BlueSalt Consulting is designed to assess grant funding suitability in detail. It involves a thorough evaluation of projects and entities to maximise the value gained from our follow-on session, ensuring a strategic and comprehensive approach.

Businesses in Western Australia can benefit from BlueSalt Consulting’s Funding Advice by gaining insights into the competitive grant funding landscape. Our strategic approach helps businesses identify and pursue funding opportunities, maximising their chances of success.

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