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Winning Grants with Expertise: Your Comprehensive Grant Writing Partners

We work with you to create winning propositions – credible evidence crafted into a compelling story

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Our Expert Grant Writing Team

Our team are highly experienced when it comes to grant writing and business case development – we’ve netted over $60 million in funding and contracts for clients.

Grant writing is more than just communicating what the project aims to do – it’s about telling your story in a compelling and convincing way. BlueSalt Consulting’s professional grant writing team are experts when it comes to strategically positioning your value and impact. More than grant writers, we are grant winners.

We work with our clients to design projects that are clearly defined and tightly focused on their objectives. This careful planning supports the development of quality grant applications that are more likely to be successful, as well as setting up the client to be able to effectively implement the project once funded.

Our expertise in project and business planning means we can provide you with those critical supporting documents that often make the difference to your grant application successfully getting over the line.

One of the things our clients value most is our honesty – we’ll be straight up with you from the start if we don’t think your project will be competitive.  The last thing we want is to see clients waste valuable time and money. We want to set up you for success, not failure. But we’ll never send you away without pointing you in the right direction or giving you some helpful advice on where to go from here.

Grant Funding: Professional Grant Writers Western Australia

Our approach places value in designing projects that deliver the results they intended to achieve and that clients can afford to sustain in the long term (rather than fizzling out once the initial grant is spent).

The BlueSalt team works alongside you to understand the value of your proposition and help you shape a funding submission that genuinely communicates the benefits your project can deliver.

You’ll benefit from our expert advice to help you navigate the complexities of funding applications and government jargon. Our clients have clarity about their best engagement strategy and gain more traction with decision-makers. Our clients have the winning edge.

Underpinning our success is our Grant Funding Advisory & Alerts Service. We work with you to understand your funding needs and provide a detailed advisory report on your best way forward with grant funding, with the option for further support and funding alerts when new grant opportunities open.

Grab our free Grant Funding Info Pack

+ Comprehensive Pre-Application Checklist
+ Info on Funding Advisory & Alerts Service
+ Case studies
+ Grant Writing FAQ
+ Price Guide for our grant writing services.

The drought resilience planning process in Western Australian commenced with a pilot program covering 16 local government areas across three regions.

Grant Reviews and Advice

Complementing our core funding services is our Grant Review and Advisory Service, allowing us to support clients who choose to prepare their applications in-house but would like the reassurance of an independent, expert review.

BlueSalt’s Grant Review and Advisory Service incorporates advice on how to best approach the application and a comprehensive review of your content with high level guidance on how to strengthen your responses. This advice is designed to equip you to prepare high standard funding submissions, and give you peace of mind that you have presented the best possible case for funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

BlueSalt Consulting’s Grant Writing Team, with over $50 million secured in funding and contracts, assists businesses in Western Australia by strategically positioning their value and impact. We craft compelling stories that increase the likelihood of successful grant applications.

BlueSalt Consulting stands out against other professional Grant Writing Services in Western Australia by not only communicating project aims but by supporting our clients to design clearly defined and tightly focused projects that respond to government priorities. Our expertise in project and business planning enhances the quality of grant applications.

Yes, BlueSalt Consulting’s grant writers are considered State Government Grant Experts. Our team’s experience in grant writing and business case development positions us as experts in strategically communicating the value and impact of your projects to government entities.

BlueSalt Consulting serves as Federal Government Grant Experts, offering expert advice to help businesses navigate the complexities of Federal grant applications. Our approach ensures clarity about the best engagement strategy and enhances traction with decision-makers.

BlueSalt Consulting’s Grant Funding Advisory & Alerts Service goes beyond providing funding advice. We work with you to understand your needs and offer detailed advisory reports on the best way forward, along with ongoing support and alerts for new grant opportunities.

BlueSalt Consulting’s Grant Review and Advisory Service offers independent, expert reviews for businesses preparing grant applications in-house. We provide high-level guidance to strengthen responses, ensuring the submission presents the best possible case for funding.

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