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Building the evidence you need to activate your priority projects

Your specialist team when you need a compelling business case for funding

Ready to effectively position your organisation and project with funders and influencers? If you’re looking for serious funding, our team can give you the edge with your funding submission, particularly if the funder is expecting you to provide a robust business case.

Working with us on your funding submission will do more than just provide you with a pitch to funders, it will give you the assurance that your project is well defined, viable, sustainable and will likely deliver your desired outcomes. We look deeply into your project and will work with your to ensure your project is positioned for success.

Our team offers clients a background in leading comprehensive business case development for numerous multi-million dollar projects for Western Australian State Government agencies, local governments, innovative businesses and non-profits.

From the outset, we’ll work with you to delve into the objectives of your project and check the alignment between your intended strategy and the likelihood of meeting your objectives.

Need more than a funding submission?

When preparing a funding submission, you need to have fully developed the concept you’re seeking funding for. That means you’ll often need supporting pieces of work such as business plans, feasibility studies/options analysis, cash flow forecasts, concept plans, building costings, asset maintenance and renewal schedules and, for major government funding, a comprehensive cost-benefit analysis.

Our team are experienced at not only preparing compelling business cases, but also in working with clients on the preliminary planning work that is vital to creating a strong argument for funding.

In addition to our own team, we access our network of trusted professionals provided specialised services, including financial consultants, architects, quantity surveyors, economists and others, that are needed to provide a strong planning and evidence base for your projects.

Whether you are at the beginning of the concept development phase and need help to shape your project (or even to test that it is a viable solution) or completely prepared to move to business case development, we are well placed to support you.

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