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Strategic Insight and Practical Planning: Transforming Regional Opportunities into Success Stories

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Over 90% of our client base is in regional Australia or delivering regional projects. When you need an expert consulting team that genuinely understands regional Australia, BlueSalt delivers.

About Us

Your Regional Consulting Experts in Western Australia

BlueSalt Consulting team Western Australia

Our team are intimately familiar with the complexities of delivering projects in the regions. We’ve lived, worked and travelled extensively across regional and remote Australia – we get it.

Working across the private and public sectors, BlueSalt Consulting partners with you to articulate your value and map out your direction. We dig deeper to unearth insights to inform decision-making and then shape your story to tell those who matter – clients, stakeholders, funders and investors.

At the core of what we do is our commitment to support regional communities to thrive. We focus on partnering with clients to activate opportunities and solve problems of strategic importance to regional communities.

BlueSalt Consulting Services

Trusted by government agencies, peak bodies and the private sector, we delve into your priorities and issues, delivering strategic insights to guide your decision making and deliver clear, practical strategies to move you forward.


Strategy & Planning

Bespoke engagements including strategic planning, economic development strategies and sector specific plans and advice.

Research & Policy

Delivering insightful research for private sector and government clients to guide decision-making, along with shaping effective public policy.

Feasibility Studies

Options Analysis and Feasibility Studies for clients seeking to explore their options and clarify the best way forward.

Business Plans

From business planning for businesses needing finance, through to practical business plans to guide operations, we offer tailored solutions to your business’ scale and budget.

Environment & Sustainability

Independent sustainability planning and advice combining science-based evidence with strategies for practical action.

Grant Writing

Preparing winning grant submissions and business cases to support our clients secure the grant funding they need to activate their strategic projects.

Tender Writing

Tender writing for strategically important projects where communicating your value (rather than price) is key to success.

Corporate Communications

Corporate communications ranging from award applications to media kits to stakeholder communications, we offer expert advice and service.

Industry Insights

Industry Insights - Get a Competitive Edge with Custom Research and Insights

Who do we work with?

We specialise in working on regionally based projects, or projects with strong regional benefits.  We occasionally work on metropolitan projects where there is a strong fit between your project and our areas of interest.

Primary Production + Food & Beverage Manufacturing
State & Local Government
Manufacturing, Engineering & Science
Industry/Peak Bodies
Case Studies

Helping Our Clients Thrive

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Frequently Asked Questions

BlueSalt Consulting provides a range of business consulting services in Western Australia, including strategic planning, economic development strategies, sector-specific plans, and tailored solutions for businesses seeking finance or operational guidance.

BlueSalt Consulting excels in tender writing for strategically important projects in Western Australia, focusing on communicating the unique value of your project rather than just price. Our expertise lies in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with stakeholders and funders.

BlueSalt Consulting specializes in preparing winning grant submissions and business cases to help clients in Western Australia secure the funding needed for their strategic projects. Our grant writing services are tailored to effectively communicate project value and impact.

Yes, BlueSalt Consulting offers independent sustainability planning and advice in Western Australia. Our approach combines science-based evidence with practical strategies to support businesses and organizations in the region.

BlueSalt Consulting follows a strategic approach to identifying and pursuing grant funding opportunities in Western Australia. Our Grants Alert Service keeps clients informed about best-fit funds, ensuring they are well-prepared to respond to relevant opportunities.

BlueSalt Consulting specializes in working on regionally based projects in Western Australia or projects with strong regional benefits. Our focus includes primary production, food & beverage manufacturing, state & local government, manufacturing, engineering & science, industry/peak bodies, education, and other

BlueSalt Consulting is your strategic partner for management consulting services, specializing in delivering insights and practical strategies for both private and public sector clients engaged in regional projects.

BlueSalt Consulting’s business planning services cover a spectrum, from financial planning for businesses needing finance to practical plans guiding day-to-day operations. Our tailored solutions align with your business scale and budget.

BlueSalt Consulting excels in change management consulting, particularly for strategically important projects. We specialize in communicating your project’s value, ensuring successful transitions and outcomes.

BlueSalt Consulting is a trusted partner for government consulting, delivering strategic insights and tailored solutions. Our team works closely with government agencies to address priorities, guide decision-making, and navigate complex issues.

BlueSalt Consulting’s approach to strategic business consulting is grounded in detailed research, data analysis, and context assessments. We partner with you to articulate your value, map out your direction, and deliver clear, practical strategies for moving your projects forward.

Ideas & Insights

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