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We research the information that matters, and provide insights and advice based on evidence.

Quality research is essential to give you the edge over competitors, make informed decisions, or effectively advocate for your needs. The process of sourcing, evaluating and interpreting this research material and then drawing findings in a compelling and balanced manner takes time and deep experience.

The BlueSalt Consulting team have led a range of research projects including research and analysis, evaluations, reviews and stakeholder engagement.  It’s important to us our research has made a genuine difference to our communities – informed by quality information, clients have been empowered to shape their decision-making to best effect.

Our team are research specialists, combining our ability to critique technical material and interrogate data with excellent written communication skills.

With qualifications across education, science, planning, business, psychology, politics and international studies, you can be assured of our ability to analyse, synthesise and communicate, even when tackling complex topics.

We subscribe to a range of industry and technical reports that provide us with deep insights not readily available to the public, allowing our clients to have the edge over competitors, make more informed decisions or effectively advocate for their needs.

Communicating your insights effectively is also important, and you’ll find our research reports are highly readable and set us apart from other consultants.

We regularly provide research and policy services to government and private sector clients including:

  • Literature and trend reviews
  • Social and economic / community profiles
  • Scoping reviews
  • Situational analysis
  • Industry / market insights
  • Policy positions
  • Policy reviews
  • Submissions
  • Data analysis
  • Case studies
  • Stakeholder engagement (including surveys, interviews and forums)
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Market Research and Insights services

Need credible, current industry information and ESG insights?

To support our clients with up-to-date knowledge about their sector and related markets, we subscribe to a range of industry journals and reports and undertake our own research into sector-specific matters.

We offer three levels of industry insights – Snapshot, Detailed and In-Depth Insights, developed typically to ANZSIC code level. We also offer an ESG extension pack for those businesses seeking deeper knowledge.

Review a sample Detail Insights Report + ESG Extension and our various report options:

Frequently Asked Questions

BlueSalt Consulting provides a range of research and policy services in Western Australia, including literature and trend reviews, social and economic/community profiles, policy reviews, data analysis, and stakeholder engagement. These services cater to both government and private sector clients.

BlueSalt Consulting incorporates verified consumer trends and behaviour research into its Market Research and Insights services in Western Australia. Our team employs a meticulous process to gather and interpret relevant information, providing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

BlueSalt Consulting stands out among Market Research companies in Western Australia by combining research expertise with the ability to communicate findings effectively. Our readable research reports set us apart, providing clients with a competitive edge.

Yes, BlueSalt Consulting tailors its Market Research and Insights services to offer industry-specific insights in Western Australia. Our team specialises in scoping reviews, industry/market insights, and policy positions that cater to the unique needs of each client.

BlueSalt Consulting’s research reports, backed by consumer research, empower clients to shape decision-making effectively. Our reports are highly readable and provide a compelling and balanced interpretation of the gathered insights.

BlueSalt Consulting’s diverse team, with qualifications spanning education, science, planning, business, psychology, politics, and international studies, ensures comprehensive Market Research and Insights in Western Australia. This unique blend of expertise allows us to analyze, synthesize, and communicate effectively on complex topics.

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