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Winning Bids with Precision: Professional Tender Writing Services

Expert tender writing to maximise your success on strategically important tenders

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Tender writing, done right

Tender writing is a complex skill. When your business’ prosperity is dependent on winning more tenders, you need to get it right so you can stand out from your competitors. That’s where we come in.

We offer a range of tender writing services including:

  • Tender Ready Pack: designed to help you be ready to bid.
  • Tender Writing Services: creating all of your written content and creating a professional tender for you.
  • Capability Statements: a quality tool to supplement tender submissions.
  • Tender Review and Advice: reassurance you’ve prepared a strong bid.

We specialise in tender support for technical specialists in fields including agriculture, engineering, and scientific services. Our team is also experienced in tendering for community services.

At BlueSalt Consulting, we specialise in working with businesses looking to bid for strategically important contracts where it is imperative they communicate the value of their offer. 

We help businesses (for profit and non-profit) with the key elements to success when it comes to winning more bids:

  • Setting the foundations (making sure you’re set up for success prior to tenders being released)
  • Defining your unique value and the good you will deliver to your client
  • Understanding your client’s real needs (and how you can meet them better than your competitors)
  • Crafting the story to show your value in your bid 
  • Developing an offer that has the right balance between value for money for the client and a solid profit for your business
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Frequently Asked Questions

BlueSalt Consulting, as Professional Tender Writers in Western Australia, takes the stress out of tender writing. Our expertise ensures businesses are well-prepared, stand out from competitors, and deliver compelling bids to win strategically important contracts.

BlueSalt Consulting, as Tender Writing Experts, provides a range of services, including Tender Ready Packs, comprehensive Tender Writing Services, Capability Statements, and Tender Review and Advice. We specialise in supporting technical specialists in various fields.

BlueSalt Consulting supports businesses in Western Australia with Bid Writing Services, crafting compelling stories to communicate unique value, understanding client needs, and developing offers that strike the right balance between value for money and solid profit.

BlueSalt Consulting specialises in providing Tender Support to technical specialists in fields such as agriculture, engineering, and scientific services. Our experience also extends to tendering for community services.

BlueSalt Consulting assists businesses in setting the foundations for successful tenders by ensuring they are well-prepared before tenders are released. Our approach focuses on defining unique value, understanding client needs, and crafting compelling stories in bids.

The Tender Ready Pack by BlueSalt Consulting is designed to help businesses be ready to bid. It includes essential elements for successful tendering, ensuring businesses have the necessary foundation and preparation to submit competitive bids.

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