Case Study

Strategic Planning with the School Community


When a leading regional private school was looking to develop a new strategic plan for the next phase of its growth, they turned to our team to support them through the process.

Stack of 12 wooden blocks with icons representing a school's strategic planning process.

Building on Success

Our client was ready to generate a new iteration of the school’s Strategic Plan to support its next stage of growth. Already a well-established and highly regarded regional educator, the school’s Council were keen to see a more modern plan that sought to consolidate the progress to-date while reaching for new achievements for the school community.


Collaborative Engagement

The school Board wanted to support the school community’s genuine involvement in the plan’s development. We developed an engagement strategy that saw our team facilitate visioning sessions with the school Board and senior staff, a session with the P&F and a further session with the whole staff. We also worked with the school to design engagement strategies with the student body and families, which the school implemented and then reported key themes back to our team.

We then synthesised this information to report back to the Voard and senior staff and further information was provided to the wider school community to highlight what had been heard.

Drawing on this understanding, we developed a framework for the strategic plan including a revision of purpose and values to better reflect the aspirations of stakeholders and contemporary language. This was a carefully managed process to ensure all stakeholders were ultimately comfortable with the changes, with many having been involved with the organisation since inception.

Flowing out of this strategic framework, we then defined key actions to drive the school towards its strategic objectives while staying in alignment with its values and purpose.

Notepad with strategic planning written on top, followed by vision, analysis, plan, process, goal

The school now has an aspirational and contemporary strategic plan to guide it through the next phase of its development, with the school community supporting the inclusive and supportive intentions of the document.

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