Case Study

ESG Review and Gap Analysis and Sustainability Plan


As a food and beverage manufacturer, our client was motivated by both their reliance on natural resources and current and emerging supply chain pressures, but needed a clear path forward.

Dusty road. Our clients often need a clear path forward in sustainability.

Identifying Impact

Experienced business operators often instinctively know they rely on natural resources in some way, and that they need to do ‘something’ to address their sustainability risks and challenges.

The tricky part is knowing how and where to prioritise resources and effort for highest impact. This can lend itself to piecemeal investments, projects that don’t deliver on an overall goal, nor represent the best positive impact.


Transforming Science Into Strategy

Led by our in-house sustainable development expertise, our ESG Review and Gap Analysis takes a broader view of sustainability, and includes topics that sometimes are not even on our clients radar.

By tailoring our work to the businesses location, size, sector and goals, we ensured that the findings were relevant and fit for purpose.

In addition, because we work across projects (from research through to funding) we also ensured that the sustainability approach was embedded in the broader business and brand context, and vice versa.

Our client’s investment in our ESG Review and Gap Analysis meant their priority areas and opportunities became clear. For example, while they had previously been investing resources into energy, it became clear that this was not a high impact (or material) topic and water was a more urgent priority.

Rain water a key topic in sustainability

Our comprehensive ESG Review and Gap Analysis provided evidence-based insights to guide decision making for the business now and into the future.

The business now has a multi-year sustainability plan suitable to share with clients and potential funders that outlines their priorities, aspirations for funding, and a range of actions that suit their budget and context. It also shows their maturity in identifying and addressing potential business risks.

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