Case Study

Successful Regional Economic Development Grant Submission


Based in the Wheatbelt town of Northam WA, Evoke Living Homes is a family-owned business. It has been operating since 1982 and is a trusted name in steel-framed modular home construction across WA. In 2021, Evoke engaged BlueSalt Consulting to develop their application for a Regional Economic Development grant.



Evoke Living Homes was experiencing costly production delays and capacity constraints due to exposure to unpredictable weather conditions. Additionally, this was exacerbated by an inconsistent labour supply, with dependency on contractor support.

Consequently, these factors were hindering their ability to meet a critical need for new housing supply. To address this challenge, they required a purpose-built undercover facility. This would allow them to construct homes in all weather conditions.

Additionally, it would support the reduction of production delays, and de-centralise the manufacturing of materials from Perth to Northam.



Evoke approached BlueSalt Consulting to craft their Regional Economic Development grant proposal. Our grant writing team met with management staff to get a firm handle on the background, context, project scope and how well their proposal fit with the grant objectives.

Following this, our team assessed this project as being eligible and highly competitive. However, we did determine that they were in need of a well-considered project plan and a business plan. This was critical to communicate Evoke’s vision, prove business viability, and demonstrate a sound understanding of the market. This would be important in strengthening their case for funding.


Working closely with our client, we listened carefully to their pain points, needs and aspirations. Armed with these insights, we worked together to develop the required supporting documents and a compelling grant application. Our team leveraged their persuasive writing, research and analytical skills to clearly articulate the need for the project, and its benefits.


We were pleased to be advised that Evoke Living Homes’ RED grant application was successful. Their new all-weather production facility was officially opened in April 2024. Further growth of the business is now on the horizon. This is a critical factor in supporting the State Government’s commitment to regional housing needs.

BlueSalt Consulting is proud to have transformed this high-potential concept into a successful funding submission. Importantly, this project will contribute to boosting the production of modular housing in WA.

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